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Process Multimeter VICTOR 79+
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VICTOR 79+ Process Multimeter resistance 400ohm thermocouple frequency 100hz loop 24V Digital Multimeter

This meter is an industrial, battery-powered instrument for field maintenance, an integration of a digital multi-meter and process signal sources.

It conforms to safety standards of 600V CAT.IVand 1000V CAT.III defined in IEC 61010-1Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use.
It is designed with a dual-color plastic enclosure of IP65, for application in harsh environment.
It has the following functions:
* Measurement functions:

Measurement of AC voltage, DC voltage, Ohm, capacitance, DC current, AC current, on-off, diodes, frequency, thermocouples, thermal resistance;
Built in VFC low-pass filter can accurately measure distorted voltage and variable frequency voltage.
Data display and retention;Measurement of relative values

* Output functions:

Output of DC voltage, resistance, frequency, thermocouples, thermal resistance, and DC current (constant output, manual stepping and SIMULATE);
* Loop inspection: supply powerto 24V circuits and meanwhile measure current.

Open-package inspection
Check the product to find out whether it is damaged during transportation. Check the completeness of the product, and keep package materials well for future transportation.
Standardaccessories, as well as optional ones, of the meter are listedbelow. Optional accessories can be purchased as needed.

Standard accessories:
* One pair of testing wires (including analligator clip)
* One operating manual
* Three1.5V alkaline cells (LR6)
* One 630mA/250Vquick-acting fuse







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