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Process Multimeter VICTOR 79A+
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VICTOR 79A+ Professional Multifunction Process Calibrator Multimeter Digital Process Multimeter

Basic characteristics of the product
1. An industrial level on-site process maintenance tool combining a digital multi-meter with a process signal source.
2. The product is used in harsh environments for the dual color plastic mold shell design and compliance with IP65 dust and waterproof grade.
3. The product meets the safety standards of 600V CAT.IV and 1000V CAT.III.
4. Basic characteristics of input measurement
l Measurement functions: AC voltage, DC voltage, ohms, capacitance, DC current, AC current, Continuity, diode, frequency, thermocouple, and thermal resistance.
The measurement display reading is 55000 reading with a basic accuracy of 0.05%.
l Measurement rate: fast 20 times/second, slow 5 times/second.
l True AC RMS measurement, measurement bandwidth: 20Hz~1000Hz.
l Manual or automatic range can be selected, and the measurement value display remains unchanged.
l Relative value measurement (REL_ %)
l Low pass filtering function (VFC) can accurately measure the voltage of frequency converters or other noise devices.
5.Basic characteristics of analog output   
l The basic output accuracy is 0.05%, and the output display is 5 bits.
l Output function: DC voltage, DC current, ohms, frequency, thermocouple, thermal resistance, SIMULATE function analog transmitter
l When DC current outputs, both mA and % values can be displayed simultaneously. 25% and 100% manual stepping, automatic stepping, and automatic ramp current output functions
l 24V loop power supply is provided internally.
6.Loop detection function
l Simultaneously supply 24V circuit power and measure current.
l Built-in optional 250Ω HART loop resistor facilitates the use of HART communication devices without the need to carry load resistors separately.
7. Built in temperature sensor, automatic cold-end compensation, and temperature display of ℃ or ℉.
8. Manually set temperature cold-end compensation.
9. Large screen LCD’s dual display with white LED backlight.
10. Panel calibration technology is adopted for the instrument, which is connected to the standard instrument. The instrument panel calibration operation is carried out according to regulations. Moreover, corresponding calibration data is stored to complete the periodic calibration work of the instrument and ensure that it reaches the required accuracy and performance.
11. Easy replacement of batteries and fuses is allowed for the battery compartment door.
12. The instrument can be powered by four AA alkaline batteries or nickel hydrogen batteries in the battery compartment, or through a power adapter.
13. Other functions: automatic power off, automatic backlight off, low battery detection, temperature unit setting, etc.







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